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Idar-Oberstein e. Es wird gebeten, von entsprechenden Anfragen abzusehen. Bereits hier angemeldet? In Absprache mit dem Standortältesten als Aufsichtsführenden wurde festgelegt, das Kasino Eye Of The Pharaoh dem Nehme mit uns Kontakt auf und wir beheben dies umgehend. Angebot der Woche.

Until the 18th century, the area was a source for agate and jasper. A combination of low-cost labour and energy helped the gemstone-working industry flourish.

The river Nahe provided free water power for the cutting and polishing machines at the mills. In the 18th century, though, gemstone finds in the Hunsrück were dwindling, making life harder for the local people.

Many left to try their luck abroad. Some went as far as Brazil , where they found that gemstones could be recovered from open-pit mines or even found in rivers and streams.

The locally common tradition of preparing meat over an open fire, churrasco , was also adopted by the newcomers and even found its way back to their homeland by way of gemstone shipping.

Agate nodules were shipped back as ballast on empty vessels that had offloaded cargo in Brazil. The cheap agates were then transported to Idar-Oberstein.

In the early 19th century, many people were driven out of the local area by hunger and also went to South America. In , emigrants from Idar-Oberstein discovered the world's most important agate deposit in Brazil's state of Rio Grande do Sul.

As early as , the first delivery of agate from Rio Grande do Sul had been made to Idar-Oberstein. The Brazilian agate exhibited very even layers, much evener that those seen in the local agates.

This made them especially good for making engraved gems. After the Second World War , the region had to redefine itself once more, and it developed into a leading hub in the trade of gemstones from Brazil and Africa.

More recently, however, competition from Thailand and India has hit the region hard. The council is made up of 40 honorary council members, who were elected by proportional representation at the municipal election held on 25 May , and the full-time mayor Oberbürgermeister as chairman.

The municipal election held on 25 May yielded the following results: [8]. The German blazon reads: Im halbrunden silbernen Schild befindet sich ein aufgerichteter roter Forsthaken, begleitet im rechten Obereck von einer sechsblättrigen roten Rose mit goldenem Kelch und grünen Kelchblättern, links unten von einer roten Eichel.

The town's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Argent a cramp palewise sinister with a crossbar gules between in dexter chief a rose foiled of six of the second barbed and seeded proper and in sinister base an acorn slipped palewise of the second.

The charges are drawn from coats of arms formerly borne by both Idar and Oberstein before the two towns were merged in The current arms were approved by the Oldenburg Ministry of State for the Interior.

The arms have been borne since 10 July Idar-Oberstein is twinned with: [10]. The Felsenkirche can nowadays be reached by visitors through a tunnel that was built in modern times.

Up above the small church, on a knoll Bossel stands Castle Bosselstein, or rather what is left of it.

The whole complex was forsaken in , and all that stands now is a tower stump and remnants of the castle wall.

In the Middle Ages, it was a stronghold to be reckoned with, with its two crescent moats and its two baileys. Somewhat farther up, not far from Castle Bosselstein, the third castle arose about , the one now known as Schloss Oberstein.

Until , it was the residence of the Counts of Daun-Oberstein. In it burnt down. In the years to , the castle was used as a youth hostel , and thereafter as an inn.

In , part of the east wall fell in. The castle club, Schloss Oberstein e. In , the town of Idar-Oberstein became the castle's owner.

Today there is once again a small inn, the Wyrich-Stube, and there are also now a few rooms restored by the castle club, which can be hired for festive occasions or cultural events.

Peter und Paul is the Catholic church in the constituent community of Idar. It was built in as a wooden church for the then town of Idar.

Since the 17th century, the town's Catholics had had to make do with ecclesiastical services from Oberstein. By , the church had fallen into such disrepair that it was extensively converted and expanded with stone.

Besides the Town Theater in the constituent community of Oberstein, there is also a cabaret stage. Since the early s tourism has grown in importance for Idar-Oberstein.

Today it boasts a number of modern facilities such as the Steinkaulenberg, a gemstone mine open to visitors, and the German Gemstone Museum, as well as several recreational resorts.

Nationally known is the Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum German Gemstone Museum in the constituent community of Idar, which boasts many gemstone exhibits.

The Idar-Oberstein jewellery industry and gemstone processing, too, and especially the agate -cutting operation, are presented in an impressive way.

Insights into the production of Art Deco jewellery as it was done about the turn of the 20th century are offered by the Industriemuseum Jakob Bengel in the constituent community of Oberstein.

It is open the year round. At the Steinkaulenberg gemstone mines, the only gemstone mine in Europe open to visitors, and at the Historische Weiherschleife — a gemstone-grinding mill — one can learn a few things about gemstone processing and Idar-Oberstein's history.

Jasper is also featured there, for Idar-Oberstein is also an important centre for that semiprecious stone. The town's best known sport club is SC 07 Idar-Oberstein.

Idar-Oberstein has an indoor swimming pool and, since September an outdoor swimming pool fed by natural water.

On the town's outskirts, a Friends of Nature house has been established, offering cyclists, hikers and tourists meals and lodging.

Also, in nearby Kirschweiler is a golf course. The path leads around the constituent communities of Idar, Oberstein, Göttschied, Algenrodt and Tiefenstein.

Especially for sophisticated hikers, the Schleiferweg offers a special hiking experience with a high section of path through thick forest.

The trail leads by various tourist attractions, such as the Weiherschleife , the Steinkaulenberg, the Kammerwoog lake or even the Wäschertskaulen spit roast house.

With the good links to the town transport network, the trail can be broken up into as many shorter stretches as the hiker chooses.

The former is a kind of Schwenkbraten , whereas the latter is a kind of rolled roast. The onions are good to eat while cooking at the fire with a beer.

Locals favour beechwood for the fire, to give the roast its traditional flavour. This is toast, minced meat, diced bacon, leek , eggs, salt and pepper.

This is coarse potato dumplings made from raw potatoes filled with Fillsel with a bacon sauce. Potatoes, pork, beef and onions are put through the mincer and seasoned with savoury , pepper and salt.

It can be fed into the traditional gut, preserved in a jar or even eaten straightaway. This is raw potato dumplings cooked and served together with carrots sometimes known in German as Mohrrüben , or dialectally in Idar-Oberstein as Murde and pickled or smoked pork.

This is made by roasting Kartoffelmasse potatoes, bacon, eggs, flour, salt and pepper in a Dibbe cast-iron roasting pan. This is Kartoffelmasse the same as for Dibbelabbes baked in a Dibbe in the oven with dried meat.

All together, Idar-Oberstein has roughly The Bundesverband der Diamant- und Edelsteinindustrie e. It represents the industry's interests in dealings with lawmakers as well as federal, state and municipal representatives.

It advises members in areas such as environmental protection, problems in competition , questions of nomenclature and so forth, and makes the necessary contacts as needed.

To promote the designing and quality of jewellery and gemstones, the Association created the international competition revolving about the German Jewellery and Gemstone Prize.

The Deutsche Diamant- und Edelsteinbörse e. It is one of the 25 exchanges in the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

The Wirtschaftsjunioren Idar-Oberstein were founded in Entrepreneurs and senior management join in this organization for economic, cultural and social purposes in the region.

The cookware manufacturer Fissler has its headquarters in town. The company became well known for its invention of the mobile field kitchen in Giloy und Söhne, one of Europe's biggest diamond jewellery manufacturers, has its headquarters here, too.

The fair takes place at the Jahnhaus in the constituent community of Algenrodt, although as of , a move to the planned exhibition hall in the new Nahetal commercial park former US Army storage depot Nahbollenbach was being considered.

Gemstones from throughout the world are to be found in Idar-Oberstein, but the whole industry was begun by finds in the local area.

These include agate , jasper and rock crystal. Since , Idar-Oberstein has been a garrison town. During the 19th and 20th centuries, French and German soldiers in turn were stationed here.

With the coming of the Wehrmacht , new barracks were built. French troops were stationed at the Klotzbergkaserne , and then as of , the Bundeswehr artillery school.

This moved in the late s to the newly built Rilchenbergkaserne. Since that time, thousands of artillerymen have undergone their basic and advanced military training here.

In September , new boarding school buildings and teaching rooms were dedicated so that today's artillery school has at its disposal both up-to-date lodging capacity and a training centre with all the modern equipment.

Included among the teaching methods are audio, video and simulation techniques. For businesses in Idar-Oberstein and environs, the Bundeswehr is a major economic factor as both an employer and a client.

After objections from local business, among others the local chamber of commerce , and from some of the townsfolk, too, it was decided that the town would not go to the trouble of installing such signs after all.

Every other one of these trains goes through to the main railway station in Frankfurt with a stop at Frankfurt Airport.

Formerly, fast trains on the Frankfurt- Paris route had a stop at Idar-Oberstein. Local transport in Idar-Oberstein was run from to by trams , and from to by trolleybuses.

There is also a direct bus link to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. This is unique in Germany and has greatly changed the town's appearance in this area.

The Nahe had thus been channelled into a two-kilometre-long tunnel. A timber-frame house nearby, the Sachsenhaus , was torn down and put into storage, its pieces numbered.

Its reconstruction has been indefinitely postponed. In , the Naheüberbauung , as it is commonly known, was opened to traffic. For its 20th anniversary, there was an exhibition at the Idar-Oberstein Stadthaus civic centre with photo galleries about the planning, building and completion of the project.

The airport is designed for helicopters , motor gliders , gliders , ultralights and, also with PPR, skydivers. Offered here on weekends are sightseeing flights by motorized aircraft, motor glider, glider and ultralight.

Excluded from this is a geriatric rehabilitation clinic in Baumholder. There is also no nursing school. Idar-Oberstein is home to every kind of educational institution, and since , it has been a Hochschule location.

The internationally renowned programme of Gemstone and Jewellery Design of the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier is the only place in Europe where artistically-scientifically oriented studies in design in the field of gemstones and jewellery can be undertaken.

It is found together with the professional school centre and the town's only Realschule at the Schulzentrum Vollmersbachtal. There are several Hauptschulen throughout the town.

There are moreover four Gymnasien : the Göttenbach-Gymnasium and the Gymnasium an der Heinzenwies can be attended beginning at the fifth class, while the Technisches Gymnasium and the Wirtschaftsgymnasium only admit students beginning in the eleventh class.

It entered service on 12 September of that year. The aircraft was for a time leased to the firm Germanwings , but has since been reincorporated into Lufthansa's fleet.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Place in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Coat of arms. Location of Idar-Oberstein within Birkenfeld district.

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. Statistisches Landesamt Rheinland-Pfalz in German. Retrieved Dagmar Vorbeck, in: Stadt Itzehoe Hrsg.

Geschichte einer Stadt in Schleswig-Holstein , Bd. II, S. Retrieved 6 December Towns and municipalities in Birkenfeld district. Namespaces Article Talk.

Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum. Burg Bosselstein. Property types. Lodges 4. Condos 1. Show more. Traveler rating.

Hotel class. Budget 3. Mid-range 7. Luxury 1. Family-friendly 8. Show 23 results. Sort Filter Map. Sort by:. Updating list City Hotel.

Show Prices. Free Wifi. Schlossschenke Oberstein. Parkhotel Idar-Oberstein. Free parking. Hotel Landgasthof Schuck.

Opal Hotel. Taking safety measures. Edelstein Hotel. Hotel zum Schwan. Pfaelzer Hof Idar-Oberstein. Diamant Hotel Idar-Oberstein. Hotel Cafe Rieth.

Pension Seibel. Hotel Amethyst. Fitness center. Bernstein Hotel Kohl Garni. Ferienwohnung Schmell.

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Casino Idar Oberstein

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